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What is this platform?

Welcome to the Immersive European Ophthalmology Exams Preparatory Course.

This platform has been designed to ensure ophthalmologists find the optimal training to increase their chances to pass official European exams and achieve professional excellence.

By combining ophthalmology experts’ educational materials and the highest technology in the market, this platform is set to deliver an immersive high-quality learning experience that will help you adopt the methods to succeed in both MCQ and viva-voce tests of medical examinations.

What will you find in this platform?

Our online training platform gets candidates ready to have optimal chances to succeed in official European ophthalmology exams with specific simulations.

We use Artificial Intelligence-based functionalities and the latest technology available in the market to test your abilities through practical activities that aim to simulate the comprehensive EBOD exam and other official tests methodology.

In addition, our chatbot and virtual trainer (Eybot) will guide you from start to finish, giving you fully-personalized tips based on your performance.


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